About Rocket...

Poppycock’s Rocket J. Squirrel
AKA “The Rocketman”, “Rocket” “Bad Hair Man”
DOB: May 29th, 1994

Rocket is the wild man Jack Russell Terrier that started it all for me! An “outlaw” size and unable to compete in terrier trials, Rocket desperately needed a job to keep him from jumping out windows and eating rocks. We found a Flyball class and never looked back! After a rough start (Rocket chased EVERYTHING and looked so happy doing it!), he became the Buffalo Wing’s first height dog and their ONLY height dog for a number of years. His best times were mid 4’s. Rocket was the first BW and NYS team dog to earn FMX to FDGCh.

Rocket LOVED Flyball but rat hunting was #1 and we never missed an invitation to help clear vermin. A Jack of all trades, Rocket also dabbled in Agility, Obedience, Drug Detection and was the first JRT in North America to pass Water Rescue Testing.

Rocket retired this past October 2009 at our Batavia tournament after 12 plus years of playing Flyball. It was awesome getting to race with Skye, Oscar and Annie one last time. Rocket would STILL love to run or more accurately, “shuffle” , and a tourney doesn’t go by that I don’t miss him dearly. All my dogs after him have big paws to fill!

Rocket is loved by Kathy Austin.